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Katholische Erwachsenenbildung im Landkreis Dachau

Dachau Concentration Camp
Memorial Site

Commemorating, remembering, learning on the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Every year more than 700 000 people from all over the world visit this place. Dachau Concentration Camp has become a symbol of the horrors of National Socialist terror. The memorial site is dedicated to the remembrance of the victims of these crimes.

The grounds of the Concentration Camp Memorial Site on authentic location with historic and reconstructed buildings, exhibitions and memorials are spacious and complex. A personal tour with a qualified guide is best suited for exploring the area and the museum. The guides are familiar with the place, its history and the historic background. They convey what happened here and what is still of concern to us today.

Dachauer Forum is an institution of Catholic Adult Education in the district of Dachau. Some 60 committed and comprehensively qualified citizens from Dachau, Munich and the surrounding area have been accompanying 300 000 visitors through the memorial site for more than 30 years.